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The Requirements For Company Formation In Costa Rica

Are you a business person who wishes to establish a company or a business? Are you eager to establish your business or company? Or are you a group of people who have formed a company but you are not sure of how you can register it? Having an unregistered company is not only illegal, but it can also earn you jail time. When you operate an unregistered company, you may find yourself in many troubles that you may have avoided if you registered the business or the company from the word go. Become aware of all the requirements of business or company’s registration.

You need to know all that is required for you to be on the safe side, even if you have hired an agent to do the registration. Know all the government regulations that are in place and make sure you are in a capacity to adhere to all of them. Cultural differences may make the registration more complicated especially if you are not from that state. Effective communication in Spanish will be an added advantage for you. Language barrier has also been a huge stumbling block for anyone who wants to set up a business in a place where you cannot quite understand their communication strategies. There are different approaches that each state uses, but it is important you identify the state you are forming the company.

Some people take the option of hiring a licensed lawyer to handle the process. When you decide to hire a lawyer, then make sure that he is certified and who has handled several business registrations before. This may become inevitable especially if you are a foreigner and you would wish to obtain the citizenship also. The law firm should be highly reputable and should have a clean track of successful records. A lawyer can make work easier for you as opposed to if you did the registration on your own. Remember, some of the officials are there to frustrate you, but if you have a local lawyer who understands their dealings, then the process will be smooth.

Look for a lawyer who comprehends your language and Spanish as well. Go ahead and insure the company’s name just as a precaution measure. Remember, there are certain fees that you should pay such as the registration fees, and therefore you will need to have this money set aside for the process. If you choose to go for an incorporation agent, then you will be required to pay them also as agreed. Once you hire a firm, you can do all the dealings remotely, and you do not have to go there yourself. The Company’s name and structure should be translated into Spanish. The name should now be registered with the registrar or the foreign affairs office, so that is strictly yours. Register as a taxpayer, sign the required documents and make sure that your company is insured.

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