Short Course on – Getting to Square 1

Types of Stress.

Emotional strain can be a sign of stress. Stress tend to be depressive and can result to serious disaster if not detected early. Experts have confirmed that anyone can have stress since it’s inevitable. It is normal to have stress and anybody can experience stressful scenarios. Our bodies tend to be battling upon fearful situations, trying to be defensive over situations only for them to fail that’s when stress comes in. It’s basically a tough scenario for the body. Most people when stressed they tend to behave differently because hormones differ and characters are different. The way of reacting towards stress really determines with one self.

Acute stress as experts say it’s not that serious and It’s very common this type of stress is mostly caused from an argument that went wrong thus forcing the victim think over it and leading into acute stress. Acute stress is treatable and heals very quick since it is never that serious. Episodic acute stress is said to be caused by too much thinking and overloading of stuff in your mind, not giving your brain some rest thus resulting to exhaustion. Episodic acute stress is caused by acute stress this is because if acute stress is not treated then it leads to episodic. Episodic acute stress is not as common as acute stress but a bigger number of overworked people or those persons with too much responsibilities and anything related to excessive overload of the brain tend to experience episodic acute stress.

The most harmful and dangerous of all is chronic stress since it is the collective of all stress, it beats acute, episodic and all of the rest and if not well treated may cause permanent damage of the individual’s brain. unlike other types of stress chronic is more dangerous and very effective and if not treated well an individual may end losing his/her mind for good.

Chronic stress is mostly caused by prolonged trauma where an individual feels traumatized with no breaks at all, thus it reaches somewhere the brain can’t handle it anymore and leading into chronic stress. Overworking and too much pressure may cause chronic stress, also hasomeone have too much in their brain and they don’t speak themselves out this may cause chronic stress too as the brain tends to be overworked beyond its limit. Over doing stuff tend to be very unhealthy since this may lead into serious stress that may cause more harm. Long driving can also cause stress, prolonged commuting can cause you stress since the body feels overwhelmed especially after a long day at work. Additionally stress can be treated and if detected it is essential to deal with it right there to avoid serious damage in future. Stress is curable all you need to do is seek medical attention in case you suspect of any stressful symptoms.