Racing Tips

Horse racing is still the most popular betting sport in the UK and that means there will always be an interest in profitable racing tips. Despite the growth of more sports-orientated online bookmakers most bets are placed on racing in cash in betting offices. The amount of racing has increased which makes it difficult to stay abreast of the form, so bettors are now more likely to pay for winning racing tips. There are many free and subscription-based services, so it is important you are privy to historical records before purchasing racing tips. The most reputable services will be able to provide an accurate record of the racing tips they are trying to sell. It’s too easy to create a spreadsheet which shows positive results and there are people out there who have no qualms about presenting misleading records.

Racing Tips and Proofing

There are many so-called experts and tipsters who can supply you with racing tips. It is an area with small entry costs and a basic website will suffice. With so many subscription-based racing tips services to choose from you must do due diligence. That involves examining proofed records of past performance. There is some debate about the acceptable period for proofing. Some pundits say 100 racing tips while others say 100 winners. It is easy to fabricate results to present an inaccurate picture so proofing racing tips before they have run is the most trusted strategy. The Racing Post will only run adverts for racing tips after a proofing period. The tipster has to send in the selections before racing so there is no hiding place. Only when you feel comfortable that a service is viable should you invest in any racing tips. Some services offer a free sample for a fixed period of time and this allows the individual to personally proof the racing tips in the sample. It’s sensible to paper trade while you are taking advantage of a free trial.

Racing Tips Systems

Some tipsters identify racing tips by using systems. There will be qualifying criteria for a race and horse to count as a selection. There is a big market for winning systems but again before investing you should have access to proofed records. A system can be proofed to level stakes or adjusted stakes whereby the stake changes as the betting bank grows. Some systems might produce several racing tips each day while others will only identify selections on not all days in the week. The stakes and frequency of the racing tips have to suit your budget and the number of racing tips you would like to receive. Proofing of systems and racing tips is important when you are trying to identify a service that can make you money over a sustained period of time. There are many free and subscription-based horse racing systems available and all report positive results which is not possible. Close examination of the proofed results will reveal the best racing tips which are worthy of your investment.