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Tips for Selecting the Right Shredding Company

If you manage delicate and confidential information, you will need a system of disposal that is effective which may involve shredding the documents. When you generate a need to destroy document you will have the option of shredding your documents yourself or seek out professional shredding services.

It is advisable that you hire a document shredding company to do the shredding than doing the shredding yourself as it will enable you to save both your time and resources in the long term despite it being expensive in the initial stages. But there are a lot of different shredding companies with different capacities therefore not can be relied on to give quality services. Here are some of the important factors that you should weigh in when selecting the right document shredding services.

There first thing you should consider is the type of shredding services offered by the shredding company. There are two types of shredding services to choose from, the first one involves your documents being shredded at your premises and is known as onsite shredding. In the event that you need to witness the process, then you should pick onsite shredding. If you are searching for a more cost-effective alternative, then it is best that you should offsite shredding.

You need to check if the document shredding company is certified by NAID. The The National Association for Information NAID is the supervisory body of the shredding business. The body is responsible in auditing the shredding company’s compliance in different critical areas in the shredding process. You should ensure that you get proof that the shredding company you consider hiring is AAA certified by the NAID as some companies will claim to be certified just to make profit.

You should ask for proof that the shredding company really performs background checks of employees. Despite shredding companies saying that they conduct employee background checks don’t be satisfied by that. You can check this by contacting an independent auditor who will revise all the drug tests and background check of the shredding company employee who will come across your documents during shredding of your documents. Shredding of your documents is not enough, it is important as well that you know the employees of the company are trained to safeguard your confidential data.

Price is obviously important and you should make sure that you understand the charges rated. Some shredding companies have hidden fees but lure you with low prices, understanding the price rates will help you avoid getting slammed with hidden fees. Furthermore, ensure that you pick a service that is within your budget by asking in advance before committing.

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