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The Process of Stained Glass Repair

Churches and other buildings from of old are among the places where stained glass was mainly used to give pictorial representation of certain occurrences. Due to their artistic nature, they can be used in buildings thus increasing the appeal of the room as they automatically draw attention towards themselves which can make them be used for decorative purposes. The fact that when using the stained glass, one can choose the colours to be used as well as the designs they want added can help one achieve a very tailor made result. The process of making these strained glass frame maybe cumbersome but the payoff is usually the fact that they can be used for more than seventy years.

However, due to various reasons, one may find that the glass may have got some cracks which calls for some repair. This is because the process of repair and restoration of the glass is equally as pain striking as making them. Disposing such a piece or art would also be absurd which means that one needs to undertake the process no matter how hard it may be or a least engage a an expert to help. The repair depends on how old these stained glass is as older ones require more lead and more careful procedures. Experts can also come in handy when one has not handles a repair before or the condition may be too critical for the person to handle.

Even though the lead used may have been elastic and malleable initially, it may have lost some of the elasticity causing it to make the glass to bulge or break. If during the repair process the lead keep breaking or can’t seem to take its original shape, it may call for replacement of the lead. In the event that the lead cannot be used anymore and may require to be replaced, one should measure the length of the frame before proceeding to remove the pieces of glass carefully to avoid breaking them. Cleaning follows after the removal of the glass to make them ready for use with another came.

In cases where the glass gets damaged, or broken, one should replace it too. Another aspect of the stain glass repair is restoration of the color is if it has faded over time or is flacking off. There are stained glass supplies store where one can get replacement for both the glass and the lead as well as any other material can be used for repair. After successfully restoring the stained glass frame, it is important to ensure that they are well taken care of to ensure that they remain usable for a long time to come. Among the measures that can protect the glass is the use of drug brushes and not water as the soap chemicals causes harm to both the glass and the lead came.

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