3 Benefits of Collecting Signed Football Sports Memorabilia

Buying and selling sports memorabilia generates $12 billion dollars a year. NFL items account for more than 30{529e5eddeae3e9fec3ea303b4919e72e85951c5d66aca02dbe80454921b5dcc1} of that revenue. Some collectors have paid over one million dollars for hard-to-get Signed Football Sports Memorabilia. The demand is being driven by nostalgia and an increase in the number of buyers with the income and interest to collect football keepsakes. Some buyers are investors while others just enjoy showing off their collections.

Memorabilia Can Be an Investment

Collectors who buy signed football keepsakes enjoy the thrill of ownership, but even the most devoted fans also understand that the keepsakes are valuable. Sports collectibles are even part of some peoples’ investment plans, and for good reason. Items that originally cost several hundred dollars can sell for hundreds of thousands just a few decades later. For example, a 1986 Super Bowl ring owned by William “Refrigerator” Perry sold for $200,000 three decades after his team won the contest.

Sports Cards Are Conversation Starters

Most collectors take great pride in displaying their keepsakes, and many arrange them in areas where visitors can get the best views. For many collectors, the value of the items is less important than simply displaying them. Every collection is fascinating and traces unforgettable players and sports moments. Framed jerseys, pennants, and photos are ideal icebreakers when strangers first meet. Owning rare or unique sports items also builds owners’ self-esteem and allows them to show off their sports knowledge.

Collecting Sports Memorabilia Is Fun

In addition to the financial and social benefits of collecting sports keepsakes, most buyers simply enjoy it. Collecting is often a hobby they began in childhood and continuing helps them stay connected to their youthful excitement. Searching for, finding, and buying items is fun. Many collectors use their sports memorabilia as a way to take a break from the cares of adulthood. Their collectibles quickly take them back to events they enjoyed, which can help relieve stress.

Every year, millions of fans buy sports memorabilia as an investment. Most take pride in collecting, showing off, and talking about their keepsakes. Collectors also enjoy the fun of revisiting great sports moments and remembering athletes they admire.